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Would it look bad??

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I have been accepted to a state university to do my RN to BSN but The program doesn't start until May. If I attended WGU And pounded the ground I could be close to halfway done by May. Now I have researched WGU since before I even finished my ASN and I always knew that I would one day be a WGU student for my MSN (leadership and mgmt) and possibly MBA. My ambitions are to one day be apart of executive leadership. If I did decide to go to WGU for my BSN and then the MSN would this hinder opportunities in the future.

i know about WGU and it's legitimacy and accreditation but I'm worried that when being considered for higher level positions I will be passed over because of the "diploma mill" stigma.

I tried to locate some MSN (L&M) grads to see how the degree assisted their career but couldn't find any.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

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