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Worth it to invade HR offices with Resume?

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by sully75 sully75 (New Member) New Member

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Hello All,

I'm applying for jobs online in a really tight market (MA). I'm finding jobs to apply for (starting to look at some less well known hospitals). I'm a new-grad.

It definitely feels like dropping your resume into an abyss though. I've heard people suggest putting a suit on and walking into HR offices with your resume.

Sounds like a good idea, but it's also a lot of time/energy invested. Wondering if it would be worth the time to apply for 20 jobs online just to put my resume in the hands of some HR secretary.

Any thoughts?


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nursebenson has 5 years experience and specializes in Cardiac.

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I hear different advice from different people. Some get calls from online job apps. Some walk in and speak directly to the floor manager and get an impromtu job interview and job offer. Others call HR.

Personally, I'd do the online job apps. Wait a week. Call HR. Call the floor manager. And then show up in person, dressed professionally, resume and certs in hand.

It can't hurt.

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Carrie_MTC has 3 years experience.

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Last week I got fed up and just went in to a local hospital, and asked if someone from HR was available to talk with me about nursing opportunities. I had to wait awhile but I did talk with the head of HR, who pretty much told me she wouldn't consider new grads at this time. She was nice enough to look over my resume and give me feedback. I would so go for it, the worst that can happen is they turn you away. Even if they don't have open positions maybe they can give you advice on what should be your next step.

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