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Worth it to go to Canada in order to graduate 4 months faster?

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I hold both American and Canadian citizenships. I got accepted to transfer into a top Canadian nursing BSN 2 year program and an American BSN 2 year program. However, the Canadian program graduates 4 months faster than the American program.

Ideally, I would like to graduate ASAP because I want to be streamlined into a master's program, but that's more or less an unimportant sidenote.

However, it is really that beneficial to graduate faster? If I graduate nursing school in Canada, I will work in the US. However, if I go to school in Canada, then it will be that much more difficult to get into an American ICU position right out of nursing school?

Wouldn't the four months I save by going to an Canadian school be offset/negated by my having to spend time obtaining an American RN license anyways? I know how difficult it is to get into an ICU , let alone get into an ICU from a Canadian program!!

With the American school, there's a much better chance of getting into an ICU directly out of nursing school as they do externships with critical care units.

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Didn't you ask this same question on other threads?

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