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worst nightmare believe me its worse than you imangine

10th april i was in the stand for 2hours trying to prove that i had not discriminated against a ? disabled worker the doctor was on for about 40 mins so now i'm thinking of slapping the other guy with sexual discriimination or bully at least and i really feel that it was a female thing my advice to all lone occ health workers make sure your documentation is 100% thank god mine was anyone else had to go to court for disibility discrimination when the guys lawyer is acrually saying hes not disabled i'd seriously given up the will to live before it was over

I've never had to appear in court for discrimination but I did have to attend an informal hearing for an age discrimination suit. I was questioned for approximately 4 hours and thankfully my documentation was up to par so the suit was dropped.

renerian, BSN, RN

Specializes in MS Home Health.

I was questioned once as part of the investigation of the company I was working for but it never went to trial as the client settled out of court. I was scared.


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