Working in Spain, and the steps to take

  1. Hello, I am an LVN, next year I would like to go to Spain to work in clinics. What Do I need to do to get there. I am already fluent in Spanish. What else Do I need to do. I know that my being an LVN isnt going o help, but I thought I would ask anyway and see is there are any LVNs that have gone to Spain and been successfull. So with all that put aside, what would I need to do?? In fact to go to any country to work in clinics. I would really appreciate any input, experiences anyone has had.
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Sorry, unable to help you. This is the AUSTRALIAN nurses forum! lol
    Maybe a mod can move this to the appropriate place?
  4. by   newlvngrad
    I know, I couldnt find the appropriate forum to put it in. I found the information I needed anyways by reading other peoples threads who also wanted to go to work in Spain. THank you.