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    i just recently passed the board exam here in the Philippines and sadly, i still don't have a nursing job. anyway, i learned that saudi arabia is accepting nurses even those without hospital experience. i just want to ask, does anyone know if working there is fine. i mean i am from a free country, i love to go out occasionally. i know that it is strict there and all.. is it safe to go out there, can i wear long pants? and is the culture there tolerable?

    thank you so much..:heartbeat
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  3. by   Britrn04
    I would think long and hard about going as a citizen of the Philippines. I am British and was there for a year. They treat people differently depending on their race (truth, like it or not). I found it sad how indian and filipino people were paid and addressed. There is so much to learn, you should try to connect with another RN before doing it. My experience was great, but many of my colleagues were from the Philippines and it was hard for them in the work environment. I guess it depends how desperate for a job you are. Good luck!