Saudi Arabia - good standing certificate and police clearance

  1. Hello guys I have some questions, will be very happy if anybody could help me

    I have been issuing my NMC reg. to UK and they requested those documents as additional, after that I will receive my PIN finaly.

    I found some informations here
    Anyone here who has secured a Certificate of Good Standing from Saudi?
    but I still have some questions

    Saudi good standing certificate
    - I went to
    Saudi commission for Health Specialities
    requested the services and got the message to pay it via SADAD Payment
    As Im not in Saudi anymore, isnt it a problem if it will be payed from account of my friend /there will be another name on the bill/ ?

    then I found a form - Certificate of Good Standing Request So what is this for as they are sending the certificate after the payment to email ???

    Saudi police celarance
    Im from EU, I called the Saudi embassy in Prague and they said they cannot help, then Ive tried my luck with Czech consulate in Jeddah and again without any help. I contacted also my previous employer and he prommissed to help me, but 3weeks have passed and I have no news from them.

    many thanks for any clue or help
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