Nursing in Taiwan

  1. Hi,
    I'm currently trying to find some information on working in Taiwan with my US nursing license and I have a BSN. My husband currently work and lives in Kaohsiung for the past year and now my daughter and I are about to move over there and join him. Any information would be truly appreciated.
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  3. by   PickleNurse
    Hi! I am an RN in Kaohsiung and considering moving here. I'm here throughout October and November. Have you made the move here? I guess we can't pm each other here- I just read that I am not an active enough member to use the pm function. I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to email me at
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    Well our original date to move was November 15th but we are still waiting on our passports with our resident visas to come back So we would probably be there at the end of this month, hopefully. Are you currently working in Kaohsiung?
    I'm going to save your email, my email is
    Thanks for the response.