Military spouse working as a nurse in Korea

  1. So here is my problem. I am currently working as a nurse coordinator and staff coordinator for an orthopedic clinic. I have a BSN and am currently pursuing a double MSA/MSN degree. I have 4 years of experience working in ICU and ER, as well as about 4 years of working for nursing homes, and another year working as an on staff nurse. My partner is an active member oft he US military and will be stationed in South Korea. Me and my daughter will accompany him and I would love to keep working. But I honestly have no idea if thats possible and if so how. I am also worried about my license as we will be over there for 2 years. I know there are goverment jobs and contractor jobs, but because of my daughter i won’t be able to work as a traveling nurse. I would love any input or help.
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    Did you ever find any answers? My husband is going to Korea in 6months and my daughter and I would like to join him too. I found multiple job openings on but I'm worried about daughter is 6months old and I've never left her with anyone.
    I found a lot of nurse volunteer positions there om base as well if you'd be interested in that