Mental health nursing in dubai

  1. PLEASE HELP! I have been working for 11 year's as a Registered Nurse RN 1, in Emergency and Mental Health nursing in Melbourne, Australia.

    My family now want to have a change of climate and lifestyle to create a better life for our 3 young girl's. All under 3! We really want to move to Dubai and I'll hopefully nurse there.
    Is there any agencies people recommend? Hospital's to apply for? Websites or people to call in Dubai or in Melbourne that could help this dream come true?

    Any help and advice would be most appreciated.

    Thank-you all so much in advance. VERY KEEN to move over there ASAP. My girl's, husband and I HATE the winter in Melbourne and want to make a change.

    Thank-you all in advance.

    Kind Regards, Allana and Family who want to Nurse in Dubai. xx
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