MD to NP

  1. I am an old foreign medical graduate and I want to join NP.I did try for match but no luck.
    I heard about FIU and I want to know how long it will take to complete prerequisite?and how hard is it to get seat in FIU? If there are any FIU fmg please do advise me. I dont have any idea about this. I would really appreciate any information.Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   niqu92
    Have you considered going the PA route?
    My family isn't from the US, 2 of my family members were MDs in our country and had been practicing for over 15 years and they were amazing physicians..they both decided to move to the US but had a lot of difficulty passing the boards despite multiple attempts so they decided to go to PA school. They have been PA's for about 10 years now in the US and are very successful.
  4. by   Jyoti dutta
    Thank you for response. I am more interested toward NP due to its independent practice skype address is studyusmle1 anyone wants tp give me advice please add me.