Is there a chance to apply for a green card in Guam if I go there on a working visa

  1. The hospital Iam working with as nurse here in the Philippines is opening a branch in Guam. If i go there on a working visa, Is there a chance that i could apply for green card?After how many years of working there will I be able to apply for permanent residency?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    That is something you have to ask the hospital however the reading I have just googled for seems to indicate NO unless the hospital is based in the US and petitions you from within the US. A talk to a immigration lawyer experienced in this may be of benefit
  4. by   cjtj
    thanks for your advise silverdragon102
  5. by   SelfReviewing
    I don't think Guam issues green cards. They do have a special visa for foreign workers though. Silverdragon is right. Unless the hospital is US based and they petition you to work in guam, then application for a green card is feasible.
  6. by   marchonebus
    What are those special visas called?