Hello, my question/can you work as a nurse in turkey with an associates degree?

  1. Hello, I just needed some information:

    Can you work in Turkey as a nurse if you have graduated from a college with an associates degree.

    I understand that if you decide to work in Turkey as a nurse coming from the United States, you are only eligible to work in private hospitals and not government. I just wanted to know the main reason as to why that is?

    If eligible for private hospitals would a nurse with an associates degree need to enter any kind of exams etc?
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Only have experience with hospitals in continental Europe. The private ones usually require a degree. They also require fluency (written and oral) in at least two languages one being their own. That being said, the nurses were usually that nation's nationals with overseas experience. From what they told me, the wages are higher and the jobs much sought after. They had worked in the UK to polish their English and in Germany for the same reason before being hired by private hospitals.

    Every country has their own registration criteria which you must meet.