DHA nurses thru skills international agency

  1. are all the nurses who passed the exam and interviewed by the DHA delegates thru skills international will be given employment offer and be deployed?
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  3. by   nurseinwales
    hi emmzz, did you take dha exam in diamond last march 2013 under skills agency? because i do and I paid 10 k and finished the medical exam but still no job offer. i went to POEA and I found out that the license of skills agency has been cancelled since oct 30. 2013. I did ask the agency of what will happen and when i will be deployed....they are not sure.
  4. by   emmzz
    yes, like you i took the dha exam last march in diamond hotel, i also paid 10k for th
    to process my papers, i have given them all my authenticated documents by april 2013,according to them it will take
    6-8mosfor processing.. i have received a txt from them last july that my papers are already in the immigration for
    clearance.. until now i didn't receive my offer, i called their office to ask them about my application and they told me that
    they don't know what is the criteria of dha in giving offers.. they are just receiving them.. if they do not have license to operate
    why do my friends already received their offer and some of them have been given their flight sked??
  5. by   killerlook2
    Good day! I also took the exam at Diamond Hotel..already received my employment offer..finished with the online application..i already have my eligibility.. Skills told me to wait for the visa..its almost two months already and until now no information regarding the visa..they told me last time i called at their office that the first batch was going to be deployed Dec. 20..any idea if they were really deployed already??maybe you have friends on the first batch..regarding their license I checked it at poea site and they already have their valid license back..
  6. by   avengers001
    Im also waiting for DHA. Till now still with no offers. Regarding the registration of skills. They are ok now. Hopefully updates. Will come.
  7. by   emmzz
    im also waiting for the offer of DHA.. but my friends who are mostly OB nurses they have their offers already.. most of them will be deployed in dubai hospital i think that will be the 1st batch.. last nov. 1 of my friends recved an offer in latifa hospital... avengers001 in what area are you assigned??
  8. by   emmzz
    what area are you assigned??
  9. by   avengers001
    Emmzz im assigned at ER. about. You? 1st batch are already there. Where us. Still waiting for that damn job offer. And no update from ms. *****. Who only answer no update yet no offer yet. When you asked.
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  10. by   maeve12
    Hi avengers and emmz im also a dha applicant and til now waiting for the job offer, and like you when i texted her she said no update no offer letter, it almost 1 year til now we are waiting for that job offer, avengers and emmz if its possible can i get your # or email thanks hoping for ur reply.
  11. by   maeve12
    Avengers and emmz here is my email karenfradejas@gmail.com i hope we can have a communication coz i dnt know anyone under dha.thank u so much.
  12. by   avengers001
    Any other update from ma. *****?
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  13. by   maeve12
    Avengers i texted mam....she said they followed up w/dha but still the answer is they dnt know when will the next batch of offer will be release, where u from avengers i hope we can have a communication and let us follow up personally at skills to mam ****, why still now no offer yet it almost 1 year.thanks
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  14. by   EuniceLojaLozarita
    Hi... Same situation here.. Update tau if may job offer na ha?.... Hayzzzkkk... ****************************** n job offer?

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