Community health in Mexico? Students?

  1. Hi everybody,

    After years of teaching High School English I started RN school this week. I'm really excited.

    Years ago I volunteered as an EMT in an ambulance with the Red Cross on a tiny island off of Cancun called Isla Mujeres. It wasn't really official. I was between teaching jobs and just went down with all my credentials and spoke good enough Spanish to talk to the people at the station and started riding along.

    I'll be back there for a couple weeks in January and I want to talk to the folks in the clinic about getting a group of RN students to come down and do some community health for a week, or whatever.

    I'm meeting with faculty this week to discuss the project.

    Does anybody have any ideas on how I can make this happen or any place to look for grants? Truthfully, it wouldn't be that expensive anyway except for the flight but students are always strapped for cash.

    I'm just wondering why kind of hoops I would have to jump through to make this work.
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