Bridging program in Australia

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm new here and hoping that someone can help me :-) I've moved from the Czech Republic to Sydney about three years ago and since then I've been working on my Australian registration. I finally sent all the documents to AHPRA only to find out that the evidence I provided is not sufficient and I have to undergo a bridging program. I've been told by my case manager that even if I successfully finish that course, nobody guarantees that I'll get the registration.
    Given the amount of money it costs (and time) I really don't know whether to do it or not. I have very little information about how it really works, nobody from ahpra wants to talk to me and they keep saying to check the websites which are way too confusing.
    Is here someone from Europe who successfully finished the bridging program? Was it worth it?
    Can someone roughly explain what the course is about and if it's full time? The only thing I know is that it's in two parts, theory and clinical placements.
    I've been trying to find someone from Europe who went through this whole process but haven't found anyone yet.
    Thank you so much fellow nurses x
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