Becoming registered in Germany

  1. Hey!

    My name is Anna, I come from Australia. I have been working for 2 years as an RN, most recently in a large emergency department.

    I have my A2 in German and i start intensive German language courses in Dresden in October to get to B2.

    To become registered in Germany, must I register in a particular state? Or is it a national registration?

    What is the website I should use to start my registration? I plan on applying next year however I want to plan ahead to everything goes smoothly.

    I currently have my working holiday visa for UK so when this finishes (August 2015) I want to continue living in Europe on a German working holiday visa.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Try doing a search in the Nurse registration forum as we have a few threads discussing Germany and how to register there as a nurse