Are all bachelor nursing degrees equal?

  1. If I studied Bachelor Science Nursing (BSN) in US, would it be easily transferable worldwide and specifically for Australia?

    Also, can the Australian nursing degree be used worldwide?
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  3. by   K+MgSO4
    It is not just about the degree. Its about clinical hours and AHPRA requirements for registration.

    No nursing qualification is internationally accepted. My Irish degree was accepted by the NSW BON (pre AHPRA era). However my Kiwi friend struggled to get his degree recognised in Canada. It is all dependent on what the registration requirements are for the country.
  4. by   IreneLeong
    Okay, thank you for your response.
  5. by   sparticus2008
    A US BSN can be used in Australia however you need to make sure the course has at least 800hrs of clinical.

    Most Australian Nurses need to do additional training to work in the US as the Australia course does less obstetrics & paediatrics than a US BSN.

    An Australian degree can be used in the UK. (although you need to do an OSCE)

    NZ & Australia have the trans-Tasman agreement which means that registration in one country is recognised in the other.