Anyone interested in my research about Internationally Educated Nurses?

  1. Hello, my name is Yeu-jin Lim and currently
    pursuing my master at one of the college in the US.

    Since I'm working on my capstone paper/project,
    I'd like to reach out those possible participants who are interested in these topics; Internationally Educated Nurses(IEN)s and Culturally Sensitive Care.
    As an International nurse, I hope IENs community to thrive with this project and
    I'd love to listen to other IENs view regarding culturally sensitive care in nursing .

    Participants will receive a few questions ( around 5-6) and be asked to answer
    those questions via e-mail. Contents about diverse culture/religions will be sent to
    them as well. Because the research population is the international nurses working in the US, I would appreciate if anyone interested send me an e-mail with brief info below
    : Name, nursing experience in the US, nationality, and e-mail address(want to get contact with))

    *My e-mail address is :

    * Meaning by International Nurse is someone who graduated nursing program in their home country (except America) and immigrated to the US to perform nursing with RN

    I look forward to hearing from international nurses out there !!
    Thank you.
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