Working through treatment of colon cancer

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I have been a bedside nurse for 1.5 years (ortho/medsurg) but was diagnosed with colon cancer almost one year ago. I work (3) 12-hour shifts and was able to coordinate biweekly chemo treatments with my schedule. I took time off separately (FMLA) for radiation and then surgery. I have a new, temporary ileostomy (hoping for reversal in 2-3 months) and it has been difficult to do much of anything as I'm having trouble with my stoma (leaking is common as is skin breakdown - I'm dealing with both). My surgeon does not think it wise for me to return to my busy and physically demanding unit with the amount of care required to manage my current health needs. I'm happy to leave the busy bedside to focus on my health but I feel a bit lost and overwhelmed.

Has anyone else dealt with personal health limitations and job performance/job search?