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Working as mental health nurse in UK

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OK. I am a British citizen who was college educated in the US. I got an associates degree in nursing first then completed a bachelors ONLINE. I've worked mostly in mental health. Now that I want to go home to the UK, I'm finding that the nurse-midwife council will not accept my bachelors degree. This is because the bachelors part did not have a clinical component. I did many hours of clinical in the ADN but apparently that's not enough.

So, I'm wondering how I can go about getting clinical hours? Do I have to go back and get a Master's degree in nursing with clinical proponent? Also, if I got a Masters in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, would I be able to register as a Registered Mental Health nurse in UK?

I've looked through the nurse-midwife council's brochures but it is all very confusing and difficult to get answers. Is there anyone who can help? Many thanks!

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