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Has anyone worked in any of the hospitals as a nursing student in the boston/south shore area? I see coop, nursing student, nursing tech jobs posted that you can be hired after your first clinicals are complete, has anyone actually worked any of these positions? How much do they pay? Are the positions eligible for tuition assistance/other benefits?

I am still in the process of applying to nursing school and I sometimes put the cart before the horse but I was hoping to be able to work in nursing instead of my current job while I go to school and would love any feedback.



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I am a senior nursing student. I am working on the south shore as a nurses aid. The pay isn't too bad. I make a little over $11.

I had no luck trying to find a job as an aid by myself. I applied to all the local hospitals and got no response.

Finally, I mentioned to one of my instructors I was looking for work and she hooked me up with a nurse manager. I got hired right away.

Good luck, Berta



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Im going throught this also. I've applied, made phone calls and no luck. Im paying for nursing school-Im not going to also pay for aide school.

So I to mentioned it to an advisor. She gave me a name and a place to call. It's a position as an Emergency room tech. Which I pray I get because when I graduate thats where I want to work (ED).

So I haven't heard back yet but this just all came about Thursday.

But in the same conversation she told me that the school can provide documentation and I could challenge the CNA exam for like $90-100. There is a 1-800 number for the Red Cross.

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