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Working after Graduation

by BlueRaiderBSN BlueRaiderBSN (New) New

For those of you who went to school in WA, can someone work as a Graduate Nurse before taking thier NCLEX?

What are you eligible to do in the facility between graduation and licensure?

How long after graduation did you end up taking the NCLEX?


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I think I can answer this since I am in this situation currently:

I graduated last Saturday (5/3) and will be continuing to work at my Nurse Tech job through the month of May. I plan on taking NCLEX in June and will register for a specific test date once I get the "authorization to test" number from the state..I was hired for a New Grad RN job to start 7/7. I haven't decided if I can/will work as a NT in June. I don't think, technically, I can as WA St rule is only 30 days after graduation, but since I am going to be working at the same hospital as I currently Tech at, I think they let that rule slide. At least that is what I have seen with other New Grads.

I hope this helps...


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