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Work Stress Kills Thousands of Americans a year

Natasha specializes in Psych.

AceOfHearts<3 specializes in Critical care.

That is why I left my previous career- I was a basket case 110% of the time. With nursing some days are high stress for me, but once my shift is over so is the stress- not so with my old career. I was legitimately sick a lot more with my old career too. I had a flu-like virus that knocked me out for about a week, a GI bug, and various colds all in less than one year with my old career. Working in nursing I haven't been sick in over a year- not even with a cold or sinus infection- even being exposed to a ton of respiratory viruses and other crap at work.

Natasha specializes in Psych.

I understand. Some people make rest, stress relief, and exercise a priority. With a mind set that there are no limitation and when you make a priority list of what type of career you want, you are able to put your career in your own hands and have the option to search for a job with lower physical demands than others.

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