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Let me start out by saying I am just beginning my research into Midwifery, so I'm sorry if this sounds naive of me. I have a husband that is a pilot, which results in a varying schedule each month and can range from him being out of town a couples times a week to a a week or more at a time. I also have two young children. The one thing that is holding me back in my decision to proceed with going to school is the amount of call during school and for the entire future of my career. I do not have family readily available for childcare. So, a nanny would most likely come in to play. I am having an internal struggle with wanting to do become a midwife for myself and really taking in to consideration if it's what is best for my family. Does anyone else have a spouse who travels tons? Is it extremely grueling on your family?

I have also considered WHNP, but really the CNM can do both roles, so if the call is too much I could get a job doing WHNP duties? Is that reasonable, or am I totally off? Are there many other positions for CNM that do not include catching babies and tons of call?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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