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Work related back injury

kmihaek kmihaek (New) New

I was working at CTICU and got back injury (Disk problem) around May. I was also going to school to RN -BS-MS but I had to withdraw school since I couldn't sit for even short period of time. My back is getting better with PT and I heard it can take a while to heal the back completely. I am very afraid to go back to regular duty or even modified duty at this point since it can really hurt my back again. I am only 2 year experience 29 yr old nurse. I heard so much bad stories about the back surgery and I want to avoid for sure if I can as 99% of people around me told me "don't do the surgery". I would like to ask any advices to all of experience nurses if there are any suggestion to my career path. Are there any units or department that I can go with this back issue? Thank you. :spin: