Work while license is endorsed?


Hi All,

I am moving from Nebraska to California. While Nebraska is part of compact, CA is not. I am planning to start endorsment process now so when I move to California in 2 months , everything is ready.

But do I lose my license to work in Nebraska as soon as I start endorsement process or I can work till endorsement has been approved? I do not want to be out of work for many months.

Thanks for any suggestion.

Aside from only being allowed to be licensed in one compact state with a multi-state license, you can hold licenses in as many states as you wish.  You do not lose your license when you apply for licensure by endorsement.  Nor will you lose your license when your new license is issued.

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Nope, obtaining new licenses will not cause your previous license(S) to automatically forfeit unless you go from compact to compact with multistate privilege. So you’re all good!