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Hello to all, hope you are having a good year so far.

My husband just started having seizures out of the clear, found some questionable spots on the mri so we had biopsies today. still waiting on the results. Anyway, I am a travel nurse, so hence I have missed days (in reality, rearranged them, having worked my required hours) The manager of my unit got a little snippy with me. I understand her position but I don't really have a choice about missing on some days; I am not going to be at work with him undergoing biopsies and that sort of thing. :o I really need to extend this contract as we are not able to move right now. I just don't know how to approach her, there is no way to go back and unmiss or unchange days. Just any device would be nice.



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Not sure if this would be better in the travel forum but may be best to approach her and have a chat

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