Withdrawing from a nursing course how could this affect my future

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I withdrew from a nursing course (Foundations)/I'm in the process of forming a remedial plan to send to my advisors and instructors.

I have a few questions...

This will now be my second withdrawal on my transcript (1st withdrawal was from Human A&P, second withdrawal will now be from 1st semester Nursing Foundations).

I have no idea what happened... I don't consider myself a "stupid" person. I know I worked for these exams, and I know the material pretty well...but to score two F's on the past 2 exams makes me scratch my head and think.. "ok, something is definitely wrong" Because for the amount of time I spent on these exams..there is no way that I could have scored this low..

It's irritating b/c ..for example, there was one question (pharmacokinetics related) on my recent exam that was asking about which route would be ABSORBED the fastest. For some reason I marked Orally (PO). Now I KNOW that the fastest route is IV ..but my thinking is that, IV does NOT need to be absorbed (since the injection goes directly into the blood), and the question is asking which route needs to be ABSORBED (...If they rephrased the question and asked for the fastest route then It would have make a lot more sense). Yeah.. I don't know what I was thinking. I looked over the questions I got wrong on my exam, and when looking at them I noticed that I could immediately mark off the first two answers, and then there would be two answers left to chose from, but I always ended up circling the wrong answer out of the two... or I got questions wrong that are right, but not the best answer. So I know that from here on out, I am going to need A LOT of nclex questions to practice (not that I didn't study nclex questions before.. but i did not study them as much if that makes sense).

I guess I got pretty bad advice from my sister (she is a nurse, and insisted that I study from the book and powerpoints, and not do the nclex questions...my fault for listening)

Anyways, I guess the main question I wanted to ask was how this would affect my future.

For example, If I was considering grad school for a Master's in Health Management.. would I even be considered, given the fact that I now have two W's on my transcript?

Would this affect future jobs at hospitals..or job applications?

I really do not want to switch career choices..even though I have had family (siblings) telling me that I should.. But I have wanted this since high school.

I am very embarrassed right now.. in fact I feel like an idiot for failing FIRST SEMESTER..because I know that I am the only student in my cohort who has failed and is withdrawing. Given that space is available, I would be taking the course next semester (spring 2016).

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I only have two suggestions:

1. Stop believing you are stupid, stop saying it, stop typing it, stop thinking it. You are sabotaging your own success and using it as an excuse.

2. Focus on the here and now. Focus on getting back into the program. Focus on passing one exam at a time. Focus on why you feel you failed basic fundamentals of nursing.

You can do it....if you believe it and want it. Hang in there! I wish you all the best.