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  1. Hello Everyone!
    I'm an in nursing school in Rhinelander, and I was hoping some of you could give me some insight on working in the area. I am willing to travel about an hour for work......Wausau, Antigo, Woodruff, etc. I want to work in Labor and Delivery (hopefully). Can anyone tell me what starting wages are like for a new grad in our area? What kind of schedule you have? What you like or dislike about Ministry or Aspirus? Any other tidbits or advice on what employers are looking for, or how you landed the job you wanted? I have heared from an employee at Ministry in Rhinelander that an internship was available after the first year of school and then a job was offered to her when she completed her nursing degree. Anyone else experienced this?
    Thanks for the info!!!!
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  3. by   Akasha85
    I have not worked in aspirus, but I have worked on projects for them. They are very nice and I have heard nothing bad about them.