Working conditions @ ProHealth/Waukesha Memorial

  1. Hi. I'm hoping to connect with nurses who currently work at Waukesha Memorial.

    I had a phone interview this morning and I have an interview on the Heart Care Unit next Wednesday. I am also considering the Oncology Unit.

    I would like to get some information regarding working conditions... for example... how well do people get along on these units, do people support each other, do you feel supported by administration/management.

    Also, how many extra hours (if any) are you typically required to pick up each pay period? Any information that you may have is appreciated!

    I have heard nothing but good things about ProHealth and am excited to be interviewing... I'm under no illusions though. I understand that the work climate depends on the manager/charges as well as on me.

    I also understand that the heart unit is short staffed right now. I'm not going into this completely blind... I just wanted to get a feel for how morale is on these particular units in addition to the questions I asked above. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   tonelaRN
    How long does it take for ProHealth HR to get back to you? I sent a thank you email to the nurse manager and got a "good luck with your job search" reply.
  4. by   RNikkiF
    Don't know if it worked, but I added you as a friend so I can PM you...