Where is hiring new grads to the ER?

  1. I checked previous threads and looked online some, but I was wondering if anyone knew what hospitals in MKE/Racine hire new grad RNs into the ER. I have several years of ER experience as a tech, does anyone know if that would be considered, and if so, by whom? I'm originally from WI but am getting my ADN out of state and moving back shortly thereafter. There's only a few job postings, what is "Wheaton"? Is that Waukesha Memorial etc? The names have changed in the years since I left!

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  3. by   farmerRN
    Its a tough market in Wisconsin...and has been for a few years now for both new and experienced nurses. I think you might be hard pressed for a hospital to hire a new grad in the ER.
  4. by   tri-rn
    Wheaton-Fransciscan is hospital system that's taken over a lot of hospitals in the Racine/Mke area, including the old St. Mary's and St. Lukes in Racine, and St. Francis in S. Milwaukee. I know they have hired new grads into thier ED in the past but not sure if they have openings now.