What's with the BON there?

  1. Hello Nurses,
    Can anyone tell me why calls to the BON are often so difficult to obtain an answer that people just give up? What with the guy with the "foreign" accent. He never understand anything you ask. He has hung up 3 times on my friend, says to call back later when she can talk???? I know she has a slightly southern accent, but he is not the easiest person to understand either. Is is always so difficult to deal with the BON there?
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  3. by   farmerRN
    That is any Board of Nursing in the US. I think one needs some sort of anti-social personality or anti-people attitude as a qualification to work at a BON.
  4. by   jlhhappy
    I am not sure if by "there" you are referring to the Department of Regulation and Licensing/BON in the State of Wisconsin but regardless, have you or your friend considered attempting communication via email?
  5. by   barefootlady
    Yes, email was attempted and ignored by the BON by this person. I guess the snail mail is her next step. I know Wisconsin has no nursing shortage, so they may not be too interested in answering the request of someone attempting to gain some answers about getting a license there from someplace else, but I do wonder how they serve their own nurses.
  6. by   tvccrn
    I have never had any problem getting answers from them. I have, over the years, had the occassional question regarding practices, etc. and usually recieve a reply within a week.

    I know that they are busy so i don't count a week as an excessive amount of time to wait. I do use email as my primary form of communication with them simply because I don't like to press 1 over and over to get to a person.

  7. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    I just emailed them on Wednesday and rec'd a response by Thursday. I sent a reply on Thursday and received another response on Friday. Email appears to be better than phone calls.
  8. by   barefootlady
    My friend has attempted to get her questions answered by every possible means.
    Phone, email, snail mail. She is now going to go personally to the BON when the weather clears. I am just baffled. WV BON has been great, even called out there, but they too are just baffled as to how to proceed. I think my friend is very sorry she ever went to Wisconsin and is evaluating returning either to here or Kansas. Kansas was great too. Something is just not right there.
  9. by   Otessa
    What kind of question is your friend trying to have answered? Is it regarding nursing and a nursing license in Wisconsin?

    Just wondering what kind of question was being asked? Maybe we could help out.