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  1. Anyone working in the wausau area? I am originally from Milwaukee but have been living in Connecticut and am looking to move back to Wisconsin. I have been offered a position here in CT as an RN making good $$ and am wondering how much of a pay cut I would have to endure, if any? I know Wausau hospital and Ministry Health are in the area, Anyone know what they are offering new grads these days?
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  3. by   qbfan413
    You could go online and just ask them what there starting pay would be. Let them know you are willing to relocate as many places will assist with relocation fees and they will also pay more depending on your work experience.
  4. by   shellerooskie
    There is also a new hospital that will be opening up here in Wausau. It will be part of Community Health. I think it is supposed to open up this fall from what I hear.