Sturgeon Bay

  1. I am considering relocating to Sturgeon Bay. I would appreciate your opinion. Working conditions and wages for RNs. Is it a friendly place to work and live. or
    Feel free to contact me privately. I would just like a bit more knowledge before making such a move.
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  3. by   farmerRN
    Hello there,

    Sturgeon Bay in its self is a nice is the whole Door County area. During the summer months the place is a zoo...especially on the weekends as it is a hot tourist spot. It is a rather rural area...but not that far from Green Bay (under an hour) or Milwaukee (about 3 hours).

    As for the hospital...there is only one in the area...Door County Memorial. I have met a few nurses along the way that have worked there...and they seem to enjoy the hospital. It is a small hospital...something like 30 beds with a nursing home attached. There are several speciality outreach clinics staffed by doctors that come from Green Bay. Most of the higher acuity or speciality patients (cardiac, neuro, trauma) get shipped to Green Bay. Wages I am guessing would be mid to high 20s. The hospital is part of a bigger your benefits should be fairly decent.

    Hope this helps!