Question about LPN scope of nursing

  1. this should be such an easy question to answer but i just can't get to the bottom of it!! even the state hasn't called me back yet.

    i work private duty nursing with a handful of rns and one lpn. our patient just had a port-a-cath placed and we're wondering if its legal for our lpn to administer his abx or is that a "big no?" would she need additional training in iv therapy and certification to be able to do this?

    any advice appreciated and welcome!!
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  3. by   happyclinicRN
    What we learned in school is that no LPNs can do any Iv care. That is strictly for an RN.
  4. by   WI-NurseBeth
    What I learned in school was that RN must hang first dose and if properly trained LPN can hang after that unless your facility specifically trains you otherwise