New LPN grad starting pay?

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    I'm going to be graduating soon, and would like to know what the starting hourly pay is for a new grad LPN? From research, I've found that working in places outside of Long Term Care facilities pay much less.. Hope you can help?
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  3. by   clayla01
    As a new grad maybe you can help. I am going to be graduating from a RPN, Registered Practical nurse, program in Canada and I was wondering what my scope of practice is in WI, it is the equivalent to LPN, as I am thinking about moving to Racine. At this moment my role is similar to that of a RN only i care for Clients with a foreseeable outcome, which would exclude me from working in ICU/PACU 1, cath lab setting but other then that I have my own pt load (working independently), give med, injections, start Iv's, and in Canada will soon be able to start bld transfusions. Is that pretty much that same, as far as responsibilities go, in WI? Also my starting wage right out of school in Canada is $23-$27/hr in hospital and $20-$23 in Nursing homes, what is in WI?...