MATC Financial Aid process

  1. I submitted my application for Fall 09 very early in the year to get a head start. My financial aid paperwork was chosen for verification, meanining you have to turn in copies of your W2's and tax returns. No problem, and I submit all needed paperwork in April. They said it would take about 6 to 7 weeks to complete and I would receive my award notice. Fast forward to over 7 weeks later and they havent even STARTED completeing it because they are SO behind that the ones that needed to be completed for summer are not done yet.

    Everytime I call back I get a different story. One rep told me I wasnt admitted to the program correctly (not true), another said it would be done in a week (not true) another one said it would take and 2 weeks (still waiting).

    I still have not received my award letter and do not know how much i will be getting for the fall with no real timeline as to when it will be completed. Completely ridiculous.
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  3. by   djsreese
    Are you speaking with reps from MATC? I would call FAFSA directly the number is 800-433-3243. I was chosen to verify once last year and it went smoothly, a friend of mine experienced the same thing you are, I guess you never know. Best of luck :spin: