matc anyone?

  1. Hey I'm starting lpn classes in jan 2012 my question how did u like the classes is the petition process really that bad?
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  3. by   melizerd
    I'm a current MATC student and I did all my pre-reqs there as well. I mostly used the Mequon Campus but also did use Downtown for A/P179 and BioChem and enjoyed those classes there as well. I really love the Mequon campus though so I'm hoping to take all my nursing classes there!

    I just petitioned this semester to start the core classes in January and got in, so I'm excited! The petition process is a lottery system so you just have to have all your paperwork done and turned in on time and then hope you get picked.

    Your pre-reqs include the classes you need, also taking the CNA class, and then the NLN exam, health records etc.

    If you don't have any of the pre-reqs done that will take you 3 semesters (minimum) to complete. Good luck!!
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    Just make sure u r emotionally and physically ready. I'm graduating soon from there and it was very stressful!!! Prioritize your time and schedule!! And study study! Pharm is no joke! But u will be fine. Hope this helped!