LPN-BSN Programs

  1. Does anyone know of any LPN-BSN programs in Wisconsin? I'm currently a pre-PN student in Michigan, and looking for options to receive my Bachelors' when I'm done w/the Practical Nursing program. I'm not interested in doing an LPN-ADN and then an ADN-BSN... I just want to get it done all at once. I can't seem to find any online, so any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  3. by   soulfullady
    I'm pretty sure UW-Milwaukee has a good nursing program, check them out..I am wondering the same thing, actually, I am an LPN in Colorado, and considering a move back to good ol' Wisconsin(been in Colorado for over 10 years) I have a BA in Sociology and would like to get my BSN through an accelerated program...Let me know if you find anything...Good Luck....