lakeshore tech college,wisconsin

  1. Any one gone to lakeshore tech cllege, cleveland ,Wi? If so, what were it's assets/liabilities?Any impossible instructors?
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  3. by   rashan1053
    I graduated from Lakeshore Tech in December. I loved the program. My best advice to you is to read your chapters, study, and be prepared for clinicals. Try not to get caught up in what people say the instructors are like. The instructors are there to make sure you know the material and will be a safe nurse. I heard the stories of ones who were "impossible", but I did not have any problems with any of them. In fact they were all great in my opinion. It is a difficult program and most of the next two years of your life will be spent studying, but it is worth it in the end. Another piece of advice I have is to start reading early. Have the first week of reading done before your first class. I also feel that you should be warned that the first week or two is overwhelming, but you will make it through. Good luck and much success to you in your new career.