Insight on North Central WI

  1. Can anyone give me some insight on the hospitals in North/Central Wisconsin? Howard Young, Saint Mary's, Aspirus (I'm especially interested in Aspirus), Saint Clare's, etc. I'm wondering about hiring of new grads, starting pay, benefits, etc. Any opinions? Thanks much!!!
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  3. by   farmerRN
    I worked a travel nurse assignment last summer at Howard Young in the ER. I really enjoyed my time up there. I have a friend who worked at St. Clare's ER for awhile...she liked her employment there. I can't ever remember hearing anything bad about either St. Mary's or Aspirus either. The one thing I have heard about some Aspirus nurses that they can be a bit stuck up?!! What place doesn't have those!!!

    As for hiring...either new grad or experienced...there are not too many jobs anywhere in Wisconsin. If you are a new grad...your chances are pretty slim for employment. I know Ministry has expensive insurance, that is not very good.

    I don't want to squash your hopes...still apply for jobs...but it is the reality of nursing in Wisconsin...and has been like that since the ecomony jobs for nurses anywhere in Wisconsin for new or old nurses!!!