Has anyone know anything about the Froedtert New Graduate RN Residency?

  1. I have applied to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee new grad RN residency program. I am wondering if anyone else has applied and gotten a response or interview? I got a late start and only recently submitted my resume..... just wondering what kind of turn around there is. I graduated in August with my BSN. Also, I am an out of state applicant. Does that hurt my chances? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  3. by   nurseme3
    I am going through the residency right now. I am on week 5 of the 14 week orientation. I like it well enough, and it seems almost everyone loves working for Froedtert because of the 7/70 schedule and the fact that the organization is financially sound. PM me if you want more information and good luck.