Gateway Tech College-KENOSHA

  1. hello,

    i am thinking of attending Gateway in the student
    handbook...but i need to make sure i am understainding it right

    are allowed to repeat any nursing course one time..........."

    students who attempts a single ADN course twice and receive a "W" or "F" will be
    removed from the ADN program..."

    does that mean you can fail more than
    two classes????

    for example

    sem 1 ----------failed 101 then
    re take it successfully...............check

    sem 2 -------------failed
    105 then re take it successfully-------------check

    3--------------failed 112 -then re take it successfully----------check

    SO as long u do not fail the same single course twice you are

    I know in MATC if you fail ANY two nursing course during your
    ADN program you have to re appeal your case....third strike ---you are

    can someone help me

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  3. by   rrlpn
    PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN SANITY DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. heres my story i was supposed to graduate i was in 4th semester 2 months from graduation. i was hospitalized and they wouldnt let me retake my tests. so i failed. i was told to appeal to retake the class so i did the first day i went to retake the class i knew the teacher was no good. i dropped the class that day and they counted that against me as an attempt and kicked me out of nursing school. please do not waste your time at kenosha gateway.