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    I am planning to enter the nursing program through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee starting in January 2007. I am hoping to take many of the classes at MATC and UW-Waukesha and transfer them to UW-Milwaukee. I am looking for information in regards to what kind of starting pay I can expect the make in the nursing field. Does anyone have any tips on where I can find this information that I am looking for?

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  3. by   AvantGarden
    HI! I am currently attending MATC downtown and have done alot of research on the salary issue. If you hunt around these forums you can find alot of ideas of a typical nurses salary but i found some other info at some other sites also. I am not clear on the rules for posting other sites but just to be safe you can email me and i can send them or add me to msn or yahoo.

  4. by   badgerbabe287
    Hey i am currently a prenursing student at uw madison and applying to different colleges. I plan to attend uw milwaukee but also looking at matc. are you going for a bsn or adn?
  5. by   AvantGarden
    I am going to MATC for the adn because its cheaper but i plan on going for my bsn once i have a job as an RN.