Electronic Medical Record in clinic

  1. Our clinic is in the process of implementing an Electronic Medical Record system and am seeking other clinics that have done the same. The product we are using in Cerner Powerchart Office that will also integrate with the Hospital's Powerchart. We are in the process of looking at workflows and developing pathways - a BBBBBBBBBBBBig Project. I am looking for assistance in what works, what needs to be developed and of course any help with policies. It would be great to have some give and take discussions. We are a multi-site clinic with a hospital and long term care facility. Many off site rural clinics as well as one main blding in South Central WI.\

    Also am trying to poll in a clinic setting do you have patients sign a consent form for all clinic visits or if only doing invasive procedures?

    Let me hear from you!

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