Considering moving to Waunakee next summer...

  1. I am looking into moving to Waunakee from Oklahoma next summer. I would love for my daughter to be closer to her grandparents, love that the median age for getting married is about 5 years later in life, and think that the schools look much better... That being said, I have a wonderful job here in PICU that I love. I would hate to give that up and move to an area with few job prospects. I was hoping that some of the lovely people on allnurses could give me the scoop on the job market in the Waunakee/Madison area.

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   farmerRN
    Hi Laura,

    Madison's nursing market like the majority of the country has pretty much dried up since the beginning of the year. UW Madison hospital pretty much has a hiring freeze for nurses for almost a year now, Meriter Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital will occasionally have openings, but it is mostly part time work. Sorry for the doom and gloom, but it is pretty much reality!