CNA testing

  1. For the CNA testing, is locking the bed wheels, changing the height of the bed, or wearing a watch required to perform or say at the testing center as part of each skill?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   melizerd
    You will need a watch in case you need to take pulse or respirations. So yes it is required because you won't know what skill you get til you're there.

    You need to check that the bed is locked and in the correct position. Safety is key! I didn't change the height of the bed for my skills but they go over it with you on how their specific bed works.

    Also make sure you are wearing socks! It is required.
  4. by   libby11
    I agree with the PP.

    Check that bed is locked-required (Imagine if you were about to help a patient stand and as you did the bed went sliding backwards and they tumbled to the floor because their knees buckled, instead of simply dropping back to the bed)

    For testing purposes, I don't believe that changing the height of the bed is required, but might as well, for most skills. You would do it in the real world so that you don't ruin your back--so you might as well practice perfect.

    Practice does NOT make perfect; only perfect practice makes perfect.