4th taking nclex

  1. It's my fourth time today taking NCLEX RN. Graduated from Wisconsin but have been living in Australia, getting ready to move back and practice RN there. I have taken Kaplan, received mostly 60s- 70s with some 80s and QT low 50s ( seem to do worse on longer tests) I was very confident with all my content and getting those scores and took full 265. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I am currently working in a hospital so have kept up with nursing. Love to learn and LOve the medical field but I'm just at a breaking point
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  3. by   KThurmond
    Good luck. If you don't pass maybe you need to change your study routine. I have seen numerous successful threads where students used
    1. Lacharity priority and delegation
    2. Uworld
    3. Q trainers
  4. by   pro-student
    Do as many practice questions as you possibly can including reviewing the rationale. Make sure you understand why an answer is the best choice. Review you core content and keep in mind what you see in practice may be very different from what is "correct." Personally, I like the Saunders Comprehensive Review which includes a ton of practice questions with good rationales. They also publish a book that is just questions and answers. Best of luck!