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2010 WINI Schedule


Specializes in Informatics, Oncology, IVT, Home Health. Has 30 years experience.

For those interested in nursing informatics continuing education or studying for the ANCC certification exam.

The following Weekend Immersion in Nursing Informatics (WINIs) are scheduled for 2010:

a.. March 18-19, 2010 Preconference Tutorial in conjunction with the Rutgers Twenty-Eighth Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD.

b.. April 9-11, 2010 WINI Aurora, CO. Hosted by the University of Colorado, Denver and the CO Chapter of HIMSS.

c.. April 16-18, 2010 WINI Atlanta, GA. Hosted by the Georgia Chapter of HIMSS.

d.. July 19-21, 2010 WINI at SINI, Baltimore, MD Hosted by the University of Maryland School of Nursing.

e.. October 8-10, 2010 WINI Lebanon, NH. Hosted by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Please visit http://www.icce.us or http://www.winiconference.net for full details and registration information for each conference.